Destination Review

By Onshore-Offshore Magzine
Updated: October 12, 2011 – 6:00 AM

On a chilly November morning, I unloaded my Dorado 23′ at Crisp Park in St. Pete and headed nine miles dead east to the mouth of the Little Manatee River. Although, my journey was only a short hop across Tampa Bay, it kind of felt like a vacation. As I motored up the Little Manatee River, all the sights of the river looked the same as they always do, I have fished these waters for many years. Motoring by the Old Shell Point bait shop I passed a familiar face, Capt. Danny Guarino and weaved. I continued up the river for about a mile, settled back in the quiet setting of the Old Manatee River I came upon a hidden jewel, Pirate’s Pointe Resort.

Months ago my wife had told me about the resort and how incredibly beautiful it was, but never did I imagine what I came upon that November afternoon. As I pulled up to the resort’s docks, I was greeted by the visionary owner of Pirate’s Pointe, Jonathan Shute. I was so preoccupied with the surroundings that Jonathan had to assist me with my dock lines. As he began to help me with my bags and show me to my cottage I was anxious for a stroll throughout the property. The never-ending tropical foliage was so impressive that I felt like I stepped onto a Key West resort off Duval Street. It was then that I discovered Jonathan’s background in architectural landscaping and that he is not stranger to the hospitality industry.

Pirate’s Point Resort is practically brand new. It will be just a year old this October. The resort consists of twenty cottages furnished and decorated like something out of Coastal Living Magazine. The cottages offer one, two and three bedroom accommodations. Each unit is unique with many special touches provided by Jonathan and each consists of a full kitchen, flat screen TV/Direct TV and first class décor.

As you make your way through the surreal beauty of the property surrounded by lush tropical canopies, you’ll find the center point of the resort, a beautiful and peaceful pool. Nicely paved and accented by the water’s cascading sounds from the pool’s waterfall this are can refresh and relax anyone after a long day of fishing.

Jonathan is also no stranger to good cooking and god eating. He was once a well known chef and still loves to share his culinary skills with guests. It makes perfect sense to see the giant smoker grille on the property. If you wish to cook out and chill-out “Jonathan-style” then you will have everything you need with this mighty size smoker. For my first night’s dinner, that is exactly what we did. Cooking out by the fire pit included tiki torches, nature’s outdoor sounds and the crackling of wood in the fire that our hostess stoked for our entertainment. This are is yet another favorite place in the resort to unwind after a great day on the water and to prepare an awesome meal.

The fishing is Pirate’s Pointe’s own backyard offers some of the best water in Tampa Bay. With miles of river to fish and mangroves lining the shore holding big snook and reads it definitely makes for a fantastic fishery. Also just a short boat ride down the river, miles of flats are ready to expore and fish just off the Apollo Beach and Cockroach Bay.

Pirate’s Pointe Resort is also the perfect venue for canoeing or kayaking. The property’s backyard can offer miles of padding and sight seeing and even great bird watching. The surroundings are just dripping with what old Florida living is all about.

After a long evening fishing and enjoying Jonathan’s home cooking by the fire pit, I threw my bags back in the Dorado and pushed off to return to St. Pete. As I made my way down the Little Manatee River back to the Bay all the sights became familiar again. I had no idea that Pirate’s Pointe Resort was such a beautiful hidden little jewel, but I do now and I know that I will be back. It was a great vacation, right in my backyard, thanks Jonathan.


Pirate’s Pointe Fishing Resort is an amazing way of life! It’s location, atmosphere and charm positions this community to help maximize vistors enjoyment for many wonderful years to come! While we make a point to attract fishermen from all over the world, those non-fishermen friends and family will love the property and the attractions that his part of Florida has to offer.


Centrally located, Priate’s Pointe is just off the beaten path, yet close enough to the attractions of Orlando as well as the shopping from Tampa to St. Armands Circle as well as the white sand beaches of Anna Maria island, Sarasota and Longboat Key.